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Real-time Cryptocurrency Prices và Charts

vietvuevent.vn cryptocurrency prices and charts show the real-time market of 1,400+ cryptocurrencies in the world, with not only accurate real-time price trends, but also professional trend analysis. vietvuevent.vn helps you grasp the latest updates of the cryptocurrency market instantly.vietvuevent.vn updates the prices of trending stable cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH or USDT & various small cryptocurrencies in a total of 1,400+ cryptocurrencies in real time, and shows the price changes in the past 1 hour, 24 hours & 7 days, as well as the trading volume in the past 24 hours & the current market value of cryptocurrencies. It also has a clear & concise price trend chart in the past 7 days, which can help you better see the volatilities in the cryptocurrency market.

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How bởi vì We Calculate the Cryptocurrency Price?

The price is calculated using the global trading volume và average price formula, which is based on the pairing available on different exchanges of specific cryptocurrencies.The cryptocurrency prices presented by each cryptocurrency exchange are different, but the difference is not significant. The reasons are simply divided into: investment attraction, supply-demand relationship, mining difficulty or hash rate, changes in regulatory policies & volatilities in stable cryptocurrencies such as BTC. Moreover, each cryptocurrency is traded và circulated in different exchange markets, which has different economic impact and liquidity, và the calculated price will be different.

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What Is the Market Value of Cryptocurrency?

The market value of cryptocurrency is similar to lớn that of traditional financial stocks. It is a mathematically calculated index that can be used lớn measure the value of cryptocurrency in the market. Each cryptocurrency seen in the vietvuevent.vn cryptocurrency price charts is sorted by market value.Cryptocurrency market can be divided into "large cap currencies", "medium cap currencies" và "small cap currencies" according lớn market value.Large cap currencies refer khổng lồ the currencies with a market value of more than $10 billion.Medium cap currencies refer lớn the currencies with a market value of $1 billion khổng lồ $10 billion.Small cap currencies refer lớn the currencies with a market value of less than $1 billion.In the cryptocurrency market, the market value is a very important indicator, even more important than the currency price. The smaller the market value, the greater the proportion of risk.

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How bởi We Calculate the Market Value of Cryptocurrency?

The market value of cryptocurrency is calculated by multiplying the circulating supply of cryptocurrency by the price of each cryptocurrency. The calculation formula is as follows:Market value = current supply x cryptocurrency price

What Are the Different Cryptocurrency Categories?

The main cryptocurrency types are divided into three categories: Bitcoin,Altcoins & Coins (dApps).Bitcoin is the first blockchain và the cryptocurrency with the largest market value at present. It can be stored as a transaction & value. The purpose is to lớn compete with competitors and may replace the currency issued by the government. Altcoins refer to the cryptocurrencies generated with Bitcoin as a reference. There are currently more than 1,000 kinds of such tokens, some of which have different algorithms from Bitcoin. For example, PoS algorithm means that there are no miners. Coins (dApps), which are used khổng lồ create infrastructure that developers can leverage when building distributed applications. Similar to an application or Play store, the main platform currencies include ETH và NEO, which can build applications based on smart contracts.

What Is the Best Investment Currency?

The vietvuevent.vn cryptocurrency price and chart pages provide you with 1,400+ different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum & Tether, which are currently trending, as well as other tokens with different market values. You can follow và collect this page so that you can follow the trend of cryptocurrency prices for a long time and make a better investment direction.