Govern better, together


Key Takeaways: 

- DAOs are built on public blockchains và are open source and transparent. 

- By giving every community member a say in how they function, DAOs democratize organizational decision-making in a way that publicly traded companies can’t. 

- In this article, we’ll guide you through on how you can purchase DAO tokens on with fiat so you can kick-start building your crypto portfolio.

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Mirroring the explosive interest in DeFi in 2020, DAOs have gained a spike in popularity with no signs of slowing down. Find out all about DAO crypto tokens & how you can get your own DAO crypto tokens with 


A big part of DeFi governance, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, are internet-native organizations collectively owned and organized by their members. DAOs give users a chance to lớn start social organizations without knowing each other, establish their own rules and make their own decisions autonomously on the blockchain. As explained more in-depth in the article later, there are many uses of DAOs, including investments with attractive returns. You can start adding your own DAO tokens with today. is trang chủ to the world’s largest global cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume và user base, và offers a wide selection of DAO coins for users to địa chỉ to their portfolio. Sign up for a tài khoản to begin your DAO token journey today. 

What Is DAO?

According to lớn its technical definition, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs, are social organizations represented by rules encoded as a transparent computer program, controlled by the organization members, và not influenced by a central government. Or khổng lồ put it simply, think of DAOs as an mạng internet community of like-minded individuals with a shared bank account. They can come together to khung a group, establish a mission và decide how to fund their DAO’s mission collectively.

How bởi vì DAOs Work? 

1. Rules are created via smart contracts through community voting

DAOs operate using smart contracts, and are decentralized và community-led with no central authority. These smart contracts lay the foundational rules of how a DAO is to lớn operate. Và these rules cannot be changed unless they’re voted upon by the DAO’s chip core community members. As decisions khổng lồ the DAO’s operational workflows, governance system, và incentive structures will need to be voted on in order lớn take effect, smart contracts are essential to lớn creating a sustainable và autonomous DAO. 

2. Users can fund DAO’s growth by purchasing the DAO’s native tokens

Once the rules of the smart contract are written onto the blockchain, the next step is to lớn acquire funding. Since smart contracts require the creation và distribution of internal property lượt thích native tokens, which can be used for voting or incentivizing certain activities on the protocol. Individuals or entities interested in participating in the DAO’s growth can purchase the DAO’s native token which are cryptocurrencies tied to lớn certain projects. Token holders are given voting rights proportional to their holdings và are able khổng lồ own equity in the DAO lớn help shape the DAO’s future. 

3. Receive governance tokens lớn influence token distribution and treasury management 

Once there’s enough funding for a DAO to lớn kick-off, all of its decisions will be made by token holders through a consensus vote. As the DAO’s stakeholders, community members will then work towards the most beneficial outcome for the entire network. Beyond voting rights, members can also work for their DAOs where they can get governance tokens in return, including roles in token distribution và treasury management.

DAO’s Benefits In The Real World

Currently, DAO crypto tokens are being used for many purposes like investment, charity, buying và creating NFTs, fundraising và many more. For example, the Decentraland DAO includes a decentralized đô thị planning committee in the metaverse where they decide moderation of content, LAND policy và auctions, among others. 

Below we’ve outlined the top three benefits of DAOs và their native tokens in the real world:

Decentralized, Automated và Transparent 

The decentralized and transparent nature of DAO gives its members full ownership lớn maintain the protocol. Moreover, DAOs are automated – thanks khổng lồ smart contracts – và decisions are executed automatically. Compared to traditional companies, DAOs eliminate all third-party transaction costs and the organization only “pays” for existing on the blockchain, which can increase their profit margins.


Decision-making power nguồn in the organization is given khổng lồ each token holder. This power is proportional lớn the tokens held by a member, but it doesn't give them more rights or privileges. Token holders have the right khổng lồ effect changes that further develop the protocol, which makes it a rewarding và truly democratized space.

Potential Investment Returns

Owning a governance token in a DAO is a bit lượt thích holding equity in an early stage start-up — if it becomes successful later on, that equity will be extremely valuable. The DAO members who are also token holders are rewarded with a fixed percentage of the transaction volumes on the exchange. This helps create a more stable token user base with a long-term investment mentality. All in all, this reward mechanism is what differentiates these tokens from those launched by other non-DAO projects.

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What Are The Most Popular DAO Tokens? 

DAO coins have been gaining more traction as of late, và the most popular DAO coins can be found on the exchange:

* These prices are a reflection of 12 January 2022’s prices.

* This list is ranked according to lớn market cap and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by to buy or sell any currency.

Where và How Can I Buy DAO Tokens?

If you’re looking khổng lồ purchase DAO tokens, you can get started in minutes on, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. There are different options available for buying cryptocurrencies at You can consider making a fiat deposit or using a debit/credit card. 

Step 1: Make a fiat deposit via an e-wallet transfer or bank transfer on Be sure to check the available fiat channels for desired currencies. See in-depth guide on “How khổng lồ Deposit USD via SWIFT”

Optional: Convert the fiat currencies to BUSD or USDT so that you can trade a greater variety of tokens.

Step 2: Purchase DAO cryptocurrency through a user wallet purchase or directly with credit/debit card.



DAOs help create a new world of corporate governance by assisting many blockchain projects achieve the ideal decentralization. By carrying out corporate operations autonomously through smart contracts, DAOs have many benefits for its stakeholders — by providing full ownership on decision making that can be rewarded accordingly on the growth of the DAO. As DAO’s legal challenges are clarified and managed, more & more organizations will look lớn adopt DAO platforms for their businesses, to lớn automate certain aspects of their bộ vi xử lý core business activities. 

With the popularity, utility and promising future of DAOs skyrocketing, it’s important that users always DYOR before making a purchase or investing in the DAO token they trust in.

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