Decline nghĩa là gì


Định nghĩa Decline. Những giới trường đoản cú đi sau Decline. Lấy ví dụ như trong tiếng Anh. Để gọi hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng giống như cách áp dụng “Decline” trong tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy thuộc kiếm tìm hiểu cụ thể ngay trong nội dung bài viết dưới đây.

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The rate of preterm birth declined for the fifth.

People’s standard of living has declined for four straight years.

Sales of non-alcoholic beer in the US have been declining for the past decade.

Meanwhile, it opened a period of stagnation or even decline for the majority of the population.

Probably several of your photographs are already harshly criticized or declined for newsletter.

And most of the other women who had been asked to participate declined for one reason or another.

Which is it? The white share of the vote has been declining for many years, as shown in this Battleground chart.

So there was a period of stagnation and decline for the majority alongside a period of sharp concentration of wealth.

However, farm size in much of South Asia & parts of Africa is forecast to decline for at least a generation to come.

Though Patrick’s Q rating, which measures celebrity clout, has dipped, Dyer said it’s in line with similar declines for Earnhardt Jr.

Your number of eggs (ovarian reserve) declines with age.

Inflation combined with increased fuel economy mean its real value would decline with time.

But she declined with a wave of her right hand and pointed to lớn the bigger hand-carry a foot away.

The region’s economic growth continues to decline with the forecast for this year now a contraction of 0.

Even though male fertility also declines with age (RCOG 2011, Utting & Bewley 2011 ), it tends to happen gradually for men.

IBA Karachi has declined with the passage of time as is obvious from a recent FT rating in which it has been replaced with its Indian counterpart.

This is because while running and swimming times can be expected to decline with age, experience and skill in the technical disciplines often increase.

This share has declined over the past decade.

The 80% Christian America has been steadily declining over the past 50 years.

But deaths have declined over that time, from a high of 6,995 in 2002 khổng lồ 1,973 last year.

This is why the energy intensity of our GDP growth has been declining over the past decade & more.

It helps me to know this but it is still hard for me to lớn comprehend how quickly she declined over the last 4 days of her live.

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It appears the villagers ‘ dependence on the forest’s food resources declined over time as the people of Warren Wilson began to grow their own food.

However, given the lack of additional borrowing plans & expectation of pay-go for capital projects, the debt levels are likely to decline over time.

It said export revenues would decline during the year ahead lớn June 2013 due khổng lồ falling prices.

Assets of FMPs declineAssets of fixed maturity plans (FMPs) declined during the quarter by 7% or Rs 90 billion khổng lồ Rs 1.

Sea ice extent has continued to decline during September, reaching below four million square kilometers early in the month.

The table below, which uses monthly S &P; 500 data, shows the price declines during recessionary periods going back to 1873.

Nor did they improve the conditions in cities, where access lớn food, clean water, and employment actually declined during their rule.

They considered Wallace too unpredictable to serve another term under Roosevelt, whose health had visibly declined during the Second World War.

Traders lacked incentives to trade the futures as we saw both long and short positions declined during the week but the drop in the former was 6 times higher.

Worryingly, from an economic perspective, Eskom showed that sales khổng lồ industrial customers declined during the interim period, while residential sales increased.

In my perspective the attractiveness of Data Mining declines during the past 10 years, but neither I know exactly if this is true nor understand why the perception has changed.

Your determination in taking up a cosmetic surgery should not be declined due to monetary inadequacy, moncler.

He also claimed al-Qaeda’s influence was declining due to the killing of bin Laden & the killing of several terrorist commanders.

Stanfield, a Catholic, was invited to illustrate Pictures from Italy but declined due to Dickens satirical treatment of Catholicism in the book.

Despite the importance of environmental water, in many areas environmental flows are declining due to the overextraction of water for human use.

My health started to decline due to all the stress (I had no health insurance at the time ), I started khổng lồ feel isolated, và I had nothing to show for it.

The price of coffee declined due to increased levels of production in Colombia, Brazil and Vietnam following improvement in weather condition in those countries, it said.

As a result, manufacturing steadily declined as a proportion of New Zealand’s GDP.

It might be that you do not have enough credit or payment is declined as part of a fraud check.

Gold is paring back Friday’s trading declines as the precious metal is up modestly at $1735/oz overnight.

It is a well known economic principle that the amount of tax collected declines as the tax rates increase.

The total dollar taxes paid by the four lower income quintiles has been steadily declining as a share of total dollar taxes collected by the federal government.

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European sales declined as the region’s debt crisis eroded demand, underscoring the challenge for incoming Chief Executive Officer Jose Manuel Martinez Gutierrez, who starts work on Wednesday.