Evidence Là Gì

< + khổng lồ infinitive > There is no scientific evidence khổng lồ suggest that underwater births are dangerous.

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< + that > Is there any scientific evidence that a person"s character is reflected in their handwriting?
Campaigners now have compelling documentary evidence of the human rights abuses that they had been alleging for several years.
The traces of petrol found on his clothing provided the forensic evidence proving that he had started the fire deliberately.
There is growing/mounting/increasing evidence that people whose diets are rich in vitamins are less likely khổng lồ develop some types of cancer.

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objects, documents, official statements, etc. That are used khổng lồ prove something is true or not true, especially for legal or insurance purposes:
evidence of/for sth Despite the claims, his insurance adjuster found no evidence of flood damage to his property.

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evidence against sb The defendant was released after the prosecutor failed lớn produce enough evidence against him.
give/provide/present evidence Contractors must provide evidence of valid permits before they may begin any work.
consider/examine/hear the evidence A jury has heard all the evidence in this case and rendered its decision.
Consequently, material things cannot stand as a record of the past but as evidence for the past, which requires interpretation.
As a result, children are likely lớn receive different levels of negative evidence across the five-week testing period.
Some clinicians prefer to lớn start hormone treatment as soon as there is evidence of local spread or metastatic disease.
However, in all chapters it was not possible to lớn follow exactly the same procedure to grade the evidence of studies.
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Các từ thường xuyên được sử dụng cùng cùng với evidence.

Commitment khổng lồ the scientific enterprise requires that we not accept claims about constraint, exaptation, or spandrel in the absence of evidence.
The generally harsh treatment of people of mixed descent is abundant evidence of this sense of race.

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The accumulated evidence in the published literature world-wide shows that albendazole is an effective anthelminthic in humans.
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a character in a film or story who has special strength and uses it to do good things and help other people

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