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great respect for someone, or the feeling of pride and pleasure resulting when respect is shown to lớn you:
I am particularly grateful lớn the many thoughtful researchers who have sầu here honored me with probing critiques.
It is precisely such a squandering of self-mastery, honor, reputation, and wealth that the wine poem depicts for its aesthetic purposes.
His thirst for public respect was insatiable; for hyên ổn, honor, more than interest, impelled men"s actions.
The freedoms traditionally associated with political participation-speech, press, association và assembly-fall well outside the pale of rights a decent society must honor.
One honors the memory of the victlặng by not forgetting, by holding as a treasure within us their lives & their values.
The inability of the poor country to lớn commit khổng lồ honor investment agreements has an adverse impact on both.
This paper examines how foreign aid affects a country"s willingness lớn honor private investment agreements.
The litany of difference is meant lớn honor important differences, but it may in fact render invisible differences that are just as important.
Our society - more than any other - is remarkable in the diversity of ways it honors basic value judgments, whether individual, communal, political, or religious.
River officials also sought to enhance their status as technical experts through the construction và maintenance of memorial halls and temples honoring their predecessors.
For example, in healthcare a wellknown way lớn maintain people"s dignity is by honoring their preferences about bodily cover, although often in the breech.

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With the bird-pitched opening line of the lead singer, flags appear on the edge of the circle, held aloft by a uniformed honor guard.
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