Hướng dẫn trade coin trên sàn poloniex


Staking on vietvuevent.vn offers customers a simplified way to earn rewards by depositing và holding assets in their tài khoản. For each asset, balance snapshots will be taken each day to lớn determine the staking rewards that you will receive sầu.

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When you stake your assets on vietvuevent.vn, you earn rewards with:No opt in requiredNo lock-up period for your fundsThe freedom to trade, deposit, & withdraw at any timeHighly competitive sầu returns


Cosmos (ATOM)

25% staking fee1 ATOM minimumRegular snapshotsDaily rewards


Fee không tính tiền staking100 TRX minimum4 daily snapshotsBi-weekly rewards

BitTorrent (BTT)

Fee không tính tiền staking1,000 BTT minimum4 daily snapshotsBi-weekly rewards


Fee không tính phí staking5,000 WIN minimum4 daily snapshotsBi-weekly rewards

Why stake with vietvuevent.vn?

To earn staking rewards outside of vietvuevent.vn, you typically have sầu khổng lồ delegate your funds to lớn a validator. Once your funds have been delegated, your funds are locked up & an “unbonding” period is required before you can initiate any transfer. If you wanted lớn trade or withdraw your funds, you"d need khổng lồ unbond them và wait several weeks before you"re able to access them. It is important khổng lồ note when you are delegating your funds lớn a validator, you are not earning rewards for the duration of the 21-day unbonding period.

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With vietvuevent.vn staking, customers earn rewards while maintaining the flexibility to trade, deposit, and withdraw at all times. Along with this flexibility, customers can continue khổng lồ earn staking rewards right up lớn the moment they decide to lớn trade their funds into lớn a different asmix. If you return your funds bachồng into your account for each balance snapshot, you will consistently receive rewards no matter what how you use them in between snapshots. This exciting new approach removes a barrier that until now, has prevented most traders from benefiting from staking.

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Additionally, if the validator node we use lớn provide staking services were to experience extended downtime that results in downtime slash penalty being applied, customer funds will be protected from the slash with coverage from vietvuevent.vn. When you are delegating to a validator on your own, you are not protected from slash penalties.