Ip Transit Là Gì


Một chút nhầm lẫn ở đây. một sự khác biệt giữa quá cảnh chỉ IP và truy cập Internet chuyên dụng là gì?


Difference between IP transit and dedicated Internet Access 

Lately, you all must have heard a lot about Transit due to its coverage in media. But before we discuss what Transit is we must know what the Internet is? Now, I’m sure most of us know what the internet is but let us understand (technically) what internet means or how does it function. 

The Internet is a connection of networks, which means there is a mechanism to interconnect all service providers, ISP networks, hosting providers so that the data is transferred from one end to another.

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So, the Internet is an ultimate example of networks upon networks upon networks. And the communication between these networks is done in multiple ways.


What is IP Transit?

IP Transit is one way where these interconnections of networks allow sharing of traffic via one or more other networks that agree to take the traffic. Many of these network connections are indirect because by and large providers don’t have a global network footprint and as a result, the traffic will be sent through several different interconnections to reach the end user. 

In its simplest definition, transit is a “network that passes traffic between networks in addition to carrying traffic for its own hosts”. 

In this case one network agrees to carry traffic that flows between another network and all other networks connected to it. So in a nutshell, a transit provider is allowing multiple networks to exchange traffic with one another.


Communication over Transit



What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

Imagine having your own private lane on the information highway in comparison to sharing the traffic lanes as everyone else.

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At some point of time in the day, the traffic is always high. Even broad or express lanes experience congestions. But when you have a private lane dedicated to you and only you, you would be traveling at the speed you were guaranteed.


 A connection between the internet and the customer site is called Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). It is more of a business term than technology which means that the specified amount of bandwidth sold to a customer has been assigned and dedicated for customer’s use.


How Dedicated Internet access(DIA) works



Traffic congestion using Dedicated Internet Access can be considerably reduced since it is a point-to-point network connection, which is always on.

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It is useful for organizations that require continuous Internet connections, and organizations that require static IP addresses and Domain Name Services (DNS). Dedicated Internet Access is an ideal service for executing business applications, such as providing access to the Internet through a Local Area Network (LAN) to a Company’s employees.


So how are these two services different from each other?

While Transit is the most commonly used internet service across the globe largely involving general activities, whereas Dedicated Internet Access provides optimal performance, high availability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Data applications including Email, Internet, and Web-based applications are well supported by DIA service, thereby facilitating Enterprises with high-quality Internet connectivity. 

Internet access via DIA is made available to businesses at a high speed ranging from 1 MBPS to 1 GBPS which is ideal for large businesses to transmit voluminous data such as video or graphics, and for many users simultaneously accessing the Internet. This is not the case with Transit as it is not capable of delivering because it shared by multiple users at the same time. Transit may prove to be cost-effective service as compared to Dedicated Internet Access because the later is an Independent service. However, DIA makes up for it by being more reliable and Secured.