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At Klook, your career is yours to lớn explore. You actively shape your role, push the boundaries and watch the impact you have sầu on the company và the industry. We thrive sầu on change but we stay committed khổng lồ a shared goal: connecting people with experiences that bring joy, whether it"s a staycation, a weekend getaway or that dream holiday. Ready to join us?


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Technology & Engineering


Planning và Operations


Sales & Business Development

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Product và User Experience

Rebecca Keiller

Senior Business Development Manager, Amsterdam

It"s always about the people at Klook. It"s a great feeling lớn come into lớn such a dynamic workplace every day, filled with inspiring people. Klook encourages people lớn take initiative và be ambitious, which is why every day is different. That keeps everyone energized và enthused.

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Longhao Liu

Senior Video Producer, Singapore

When I joined Klook, I was pleasantly surprised by how collaborative the company culture is. I get lớn work with teams across many functions & I’m exposed lớn different cultural and creative backgrounds. So many innovative sầu ideas were born from these collaborations & each time I learn a great giảm giá.

Vivien Hu

Corporate Development Manager, Shenzhen

What I value most about working at Klook is personal growth. Everything changes fast here, which can take some getting used lớn at the beginning. But once you embrace the change, you come to appreciate the dynamic work environment that opens up many new opportunities in a short time & gives you the flexibility lớn choose your next challenge.