Long short là gì?


What does Going Long và Going Short Mean in Trading?

When trading in the financial markets, people buy & sell assets such as currencies, commodities and stocks by “going long” or “going short” on them. Going long is a popular industry term used khổng lồ describe the act of buying. On the flipside, going short is a term investors & traders use to describe the act of selling. Traders will go long when they expect that the price of the asmix will rise. Alternatively, they go short when they expect that the price will fall. This is because in forex, as well as all other markets & businesses, traders make their profits when they buy low và sell high.

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So, for example, if someone goes short on the EURUSD, they are expecting the price of the EUR to fall so that they buy it at a lower price and make a profit. Losses are incurred in the event of buying low and selling even lower, or selling high và buying even higher. Whether traders buy or sell first doesn’t matter, profits and losses can be made in any order.

How does long và short trading work in forex?

Because a forex trade is based on a currency pair, you’re simultaneously going long on one currency and short on the other. For example:The forex quote shows a rate of $1 to 100 yen.You think the dollar will be worth more than 100 yen in the future so you buy, or ‘long’, the dollar & ‘short’ the yen.In effect, you’re selling the yen, just like shorting a stoông xã by selling shares. Going long means you’re speculating that the base currency will strengthen against the quote currency. And going short means you’re speculating that the base currency will weaken against the quote currency.

How long can I hold a long or short position in forex?

In the forex market, you can hold a position for anything from a few minutes lớn many years. It will depover on your trading style, your appetite for risk, and how the market is behaving.

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