Mouth-watering là gì


make (one"s) mouth water

1. To cause one khổng lồ salivate or feel hungry. Just the thought of having a big seafood dinner tonight makes my mouth water. The smell of the burgers on the grill made Jake"s mouth water.2. By extension, lớn cause one lớn feel happy or excited, usually with anticipation. A business opportunity like that is enough lớn make anyone"s mouth water!See also: make, mouth, water

make your mouth water

1. If food or the smell of food makes your mouth water, it looks or smells delicious và makes you want lớn eat. The fragrant steam from the pot made his mouth water. It still makes my mouth water when I think of those pies. Note: People also use the much more frequent adjective mouth-watering to mean the same thing.

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Turn lớn page 25 for more mouth-watering recipes. This is the best place to sample mouth-watering local dishes.2. If something makes your mouth water, it is very attractive or appealing khổng lồ you. These were plants lớn make an amateur gardener"s mouth water. The zoo"s site in Regent"s Park would make any developer"s mouth water. Note: People also use the much more frequent adjective mouth-watering lớn mean the same thing. The perks that go with the governorship are mouth-watering.See also: make, mouth, waterSee also:

make your mouth water

cause you to salivate, cause you to lớn be hungry Your carrot cake smells so good it makes my mouth water.
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- Từ đồng nghĩa, phương pháp cần sử dụng từ tương tự Thành ngữ, tục ngữ make your mouth water