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This Getting Started section of the Order Management System (OMS) documentation provides an overview of OMS. You will find several helpful resources khổng lồ help you understvà what OMS is all about và help you get started.

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The OMS docs contain the following content areas:

Section Description Link
Getting Started Information to lớn help you get started with OMS, including Terminology & a use case for an Order Flow. See Getting Started
User Guides Information about how lớn use your Dashboard và Admin Panel. See User Guides
Integration Guides Information about the Integration Framework of OMS. See Integration Guides
Features và Processes Information about the features và business processes in OMS.

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See Features và Processes
Specifications Information about the messages & specifications used in OMS and in the Configuration portal. See Specifications

OMS in a nutshell

The Magenkhổng lồ Order Management System (OMS) is a flexible và affordable solution for managing, selling, & fulfilling inventory from any sales channel. OMS provides a seamless customer experience, which increases sales while reducing costs, & accelerates the time lớn market.

OMS’ capabilities include:

Global visibility and management of all inventory Ability to ship to & from anywhere Easier & more responsive customer service Better customer experience và loyalty

More architectural strategy than all-in-one product, OMS is an integration hub which allows you lớn optimize order infrastructure & processes. Fully configurable to lớn allow for your specific use case & sản phẩm mix, it leverages a standard API to lớn links inventory, shipment, & returns with multiple sales channels.

To use OMS và the Connector with Magenkhổng lồ v2.3, you must disable Multi-source Inventory (MSI).

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Order management is a phối of modules that work together lượt thích a fine-tuned e-commerce machine:

Distributed order management - determines what phối of methods and channels make the most sense for fulfilling an order efficiently, khổng lồ best deliver against customer expectations Sourcing - a bird’s-eye-view of global inventory which allows merchants to lớn define and optimize how products are sourced from all available inventory Store fulfillment - allows merchants khổng lồ turn their stores inlớn mini distribution centers, for easy and adaptive sourcing of multi-store inventory và online selling Customer service - enables easier order modifications & integration with other essential customer service tools điện thoại point-of-sale (POS) - enhances the in-store experience and ensures a customer never leaves the store without the desired sản phẩm (or the assurance that it will be quickly shipped right lớn them) Business intelligence - fully leverages order management analytics lớn gain valuable insight on orders, shipments, returns, và payments

OMS works khổng lồ centralize global inventory, intelligently source items for fulfillment, and manage orders while providing a consistent và full-featured shopping experience. From the second a customer clicks khổng lồ purchase a sản phẩm, to the moment it is delivered or picked up, OMS competently handles the orchestration & execution of an order.