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This collective sầu biography is a painstaking and very informative reconstruction of the lives of a number of these reformist intellectuals.
In investigations of the meta-màn chơi process per se, the painstaking avoidance of subtle cueing may be less relevant, and an indirect metacognition paradigm suitable.
But these indirect methods are often painstaking and limited by time, patience, và the availability of patients with selective impairments.
One of the virtues of this book is that it gives us a cthất bại look at the kind of painstaking intellectual labor such resize involves.
While the author"s painstaking retìm kiếm is impressive, the end result is mixed due khổng lồ problems in organisation và in the presentation of results.
The text"s beautiful, delicate, cautious, và painstaking calligraphy is equally encoded with ethical implications.
Much of the work is traditional painstaking lexical mô tả tìm kiếm, but the availability of large-scale tabulation of the overall results lends particular weight khổng lồ the conclusions.
Some of these points probably sound carping in view of the sheer industry & painstaking work undertaken to bring this project to the fore.
Both are symbolised by the painstaking transcription in an appendix of a large part of the inquisition trial on which the book is based.
Only painstaking, detailed local studies will tell us which patterns held in which parts of this vast và heterogeneous country.
He does so combining administrative sầu, political and economic history with a painstaking study of the colonial l& registers.
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