Prophylaxis là gì


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On the whole, diagnosis and prophylaxis that are biocông nghệ based are preferred over nonbiotechnology-based due lớn their higher beneficence index.
An inability to lớn detect parasites likely went hand in h& with the masking effect of quinine prophylaxis.
A randomized trial on the efficacy of group psychoeducation in the prophylaxis of recurrences in bipolar patients whose disease is in remission.
Bayesian approaches for monitoring clinical trials with an application to toxoplasmic encephalitis prophylaxis.
Technical report : prevention of pneumococcal infections, including the use of pneumococcal conjugate and polysaccharide vaccines & antibiotics prophylaxis.
Antiemetic prophylaxis was recommended during daily temozolomide exposure, và mandated during the conventional 5-day treatment.
This means that we have not considered the potential impact on bleeding rates of extending prophylaxis beyond the duration of hospitalization.
Venous thrombosis can be treated with good effects, và the risks for new blood clots are reduced through secondary prophylaxis.
Awareness about the importance of prophylaxis is relatively widespread, particularly in reference lớn low molecular weight heparin.
In spite of evidence to lớn the contrary, not all obstetricians are convinced of the value of prophylaxis with haematinics.
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the act of collecting or producing money for a particular purpose, especially for a charity

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Delusions of grandeur: talking about people with a high opinion of themselves



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