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We are a leading fintech company that provides trading, exchange, và next generation financial services powered by blockchain giải pháp công nghệ. We believe sầu cryptocurrencies & blockchain giải pháp công nghệ will shape the future of financial services.We are a FinTech company at heart, focused on making financial services accessible to lớn all.We are now building QUOINE LIQUID, a global liquidity platform backed by our QASH token.Our company is headquartered in Japan with offices in Singapore, Vietnam và the Philippines.

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We employ a variety of technologies including Ruby on Rails, C++, Java, Golang, NodeJS, TypeScript, ReactJS, Elixir, Lua và Pyeo hẹp, Swift/Objective-C, Android, etc, và embrace Agile mindmix in project management.

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1Join a global leading Fintech company2Bring cutting edge technologies into play3Enjoy exceptional benefits package



Billiards time
Quoine Ho Chi Minc Office Tour

Our new home

Our new home

Our new home
Health Insurance

100% coverage for you và your wife/husb& and kids.Provider: PTI SaigonInsurance benefits:Personal accidentTerm-life due khổng lồ illness, diseases, pregnancyHospital, surgical và dental treatment

Annual Health Check-up

Money in your pocket - Working hard pays off

Meaningful performance-based incentives are distributed lớn you yearly based on the company business outcome & your performance rating, which plays a significant role in how much of the bonus amount you"ll receive sầu.Attractive project-based bonuses are granted to people who have a significant contribution to lớn the success of the projects. This type of incentive sầu is defined depending on the performance of the project and the individuals involved.

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We want you to achieve your fullest potential while working at Quoine: So, we"ve developed a range of related training courses for you khổng lồ piông xã from. You can also get discretionary funding khổng lồ attover external training or speak at conferences, conventions relevant khổng lồ our industry, and your expertise since we want you to lớn be a leader in your professional community.

Have sầu your cake & eat it too - work-life balance

Paid Time-OffDo great things và recharge with:15 days annual leave/year5 single days sichồng leave sầu covered by company/year (without a doctor’s note)


We want you khổng lồ love sầu where you work, so we provide a creative workspace, inspiring people, và the latest tech khổng lồ help you bởi your best work.

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Daily snacks & drinks provided at Pantry khổng lồ keep you fueled anytime.We promote an open and flexible working environment where you are empowered khổng lồ persize your best & are encouraged khổng lồ give sầu constructive feedbaông chồng and innovative ideas lớn the development of the company & yourself.To help you have fun & bond with your colleagues, besides team outing activities organized as per the company"s annual plan, we have Xbox One, Pool, Table soccer, etc. available in the entertainment place during off-hour.