Download samsung pay app apk for galaxy s7 edge, s8 plus, note 8


Have you ever come across the situation where you have shopped for every possible nhà cửa in the grocery store và forgot your wallet at home? Well, we all have faced such embarrassing situation in our lives, especially with the increasing burden và our hectic lives. Thanks to lớn Samsung that has now replaced our wallets with the Samsung Pay that is an official tiện ích from Samsung and was launched lớn replace all the plastic cards in your wallet.

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Samsung Pay Digital Online Wallet with PayPal Support


It works on almost all stores & comes built-in within the new Samsung devices including the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus. However, if your Samsung Galaxy Device lacks this app, you can easily get it from the Google Play Store using the links at the kết thúc of this article. You might also be interested in Best Cryptocurrency or BitCoin Wallets for Samsung Phones.

Samsung Pay allows the Samsung và all the apk users to enjoy the freedom & make payments using their điện thoại phones effortlessly & securely. The phầm mềm offers tons of amazing features that you definitely don’t want lớn miss. So check the fascinating features that the Samsung Pay offers:

Good Reasons lớn Use Samsung Pay on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S8 Plus and chú ý 8


Samsung pay was launched in the year of năm ngoái and from that year, it has become the easiest and the most common method of payment. The phầm mềm works in almost every store & mall & you need to lớn have a supported ngân hàng for it to work. So if you have your device, supported ngân hàng and the card that works with the Samsung Pay, here are some good reasons lớn have it.

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1: It is Completely Safe & Secure

With the Samsung pay, you can make payments safely và securely, without any risk. The smartphones that tư vấn Samsung Pay offers the top-notch security including the iris scanning features và the latest monthly security patches that makes it one of the most secure payment method available for the smartphones. Moreover, the tiện ích doesn’t tóm tắt or store any financial information of the users & yes, it is also very difficult lớn hack. According to the Samsung company, “your purchases remain yours alone. Samsung Pay uses several layers of security. It keeps your payment information separate and doesn’t store or giới thiệu it, so you can pay without worry.”

2: It Works Almost Everywhere

Unlike táo apple Pay or other virtual payment methods, Samsung Pay works almost everywhere. Samsung purports it khổng lồ be accepted at nearly 95% retail stores in the United States and according to lớn the survey, it is. The Samsung uses both the NFC và MST technologies lớn make wireless payments that are very easy, fast và secure.

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3: Samsung Pay Rewards

With the use of Samsung Pay, the users can earn rewards from Samsung, just like they used lớn earn from their credit cards. This feature was launched on the November 14th of năm nhâm thìn and that is quite an interesting reason to lớn use the Samsung Pay. These rewards simply like the point-based credit thẻ reward program where every mobile purchase will earn points and with the earned points, users can get rewards.

4: Really Easy khổng lồ Use

Well, another important reason to lớn use Samsung Pay is that it is really easy khổng lồ use. From its user interface to lớn its payment technology, Samsung Pay offers its users the complete ease of use. Once it is setup on your Samsung device, you don’t even have to mở cửa your mobile phone khổng lồ make payments. With the signal, your payment would be done, it is that simple!