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Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted điện thoại payment service, but it is ultimately up khổng lồ the banks & card providers in a particular country lớn enable official support for their credit và debit cards so that they can work with Samsung Pay. This page lists the major banks & payment service providers that are on-board with Samsung Pay in Vietphái mạnh.

Samsung Pay Vietnam: Supported banks

ABBankBIDVCitiFE CreditHDBankMaritime BankPVCOM BankSacombankSaigon Commercial BankSeABankShinhan BankTechcombankTPhường BankVietcombankVietinBankWoori Bank Vietnam

Not all cards from these banks may work with Samsung Pay. Some of them may not work with traditional card machines, either, only with NFC-machines. The danh mục of supported banks & card providers will be regularly updated, so keep checking baông chồng if your current bank or card provider doesn’t support Samsung Pay. For more details, check out the official Samsung Pay Vietphái mạnh website.

Have questions about Samsung Pay? Cheông xã out our dedicated page to see what Samsung Pay is all about, the devices it supports, how you can mix up & use Samsung Pay, & more.

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