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a group of houses built together in a planned way, often by the government in order lớn provide houses for people khổng lồ rent or buy at a low cost:
The surfaces generated by subdivision schemes on such nets are no longer restricted lớn bivariate functions, & they can represent surfaces of arbitrary topology.
Significantly positive sầu values indicate an excess of intermediate-frequency variants, which may reflect balancing selection or population subdivision.
The basic types of movement & energetic profiles of the latter are also reflected in the way structure is articulated, determining sections & their subdivisions.
Additionally, however, as we discuss below our analysis points khổng lồ important subdivisions within each "type" of engagement.
The reorganisation of landscape and settlement was accompanied by the increasing subdivision of domestic space.
Although there is a subdivision into " exhaustive " (contrastive) và " non-exhaustive " foci, these are functionally so cthua thảm that the universal applies lớn both types alike.
One issue is the computation of limit values và limit derivatives of the subdivision process at the dyadic points of any refinement cấp độ.
A generic estimation of population subdivision using distances between alleles with special reference for microsatellite loci.
The subdivision of spectral space into lớn incremental steps that are deployed in intervallic combinations - a sub-category of spectral space.
This figure represents our present understanding of the subdivisions of the sensory cortex of the ferret.
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If something, especially something related to lớn a computer, is user-friendly, it is simple for people khổng lồ use.

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