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New to lớn trading & a bit hesitant? Our test account is the perfect way to explore all of our instruments & thử nghiệm your trading strategies using entirely virtual funds - with none of the risk.

Available on each of our trương mục types và both MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5. Ready lớn start building your trading skills?




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Competitive sầu pricing: typically zero spreads on FX majors, as low as zero on gold on our most popular tài khoản

Wide choice of markets: Metals, stocks, stochồng CFDs, indices, FX & commodities

Proper guidance: không lấy phí education and tools, and customer support 24/5

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Perfect for new or nervous traders Start with just $10 Trade with zero commission


Our most popular tài khoản type Typically zero spreads on major FX pairs Market execution


Commission-không lấy phí trading Hundreds of instruments available Market execution

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Register for a MyFXTM profile through the registration size.

Follow the steps to open your desired trading account within MyFXTM.

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Register for a MyFXTM profile through the registration khung.

Follow the steps to open your desired trading account within MyFXTM.

Look out for an gmail with all your trading tài khoản details & start trading!

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Why try chạy thử trading?

The whole point of demo trading is to get familiar with the markets at your own pace.

As you"ll be practicing under real market conditions, you"ll get khổng lồ see for yourself exactly what happens when prices change & learn how best khổng lồ protect your trades with tools like Stop Loss.

It"s also a good opportunity khổng lồ get to know your trading platsize. MetaTrader offers a range of indicators và timeframes designed khổng lồ allow you lớn monitor the markets, và these can get a bit of getting used khổng lồ.

By the time you"re ready to lớn move lớn live sầu trading, you"ll have grown the confidence lớn start using real money.

Remember - if you get stuông chồng at any point or have any questions, our dedicated Customer Support team are always happy to lớn help.

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What is a demo account?

A test trương mục is a way lớn practice trading without risking any of your own money, as you"ll be using virtual funds. It offers exactly the same tools and features as a live trading tài khoản, & you"ll be trading under real-market conditions.

How vì chưng I create a test account?

Register with us by providing just a few details above sầu. Next, cliông chồng "Sover PIN" lớn get your chất lượng access code by SMS & tin nhắn. Once you"ve got that, select "Register Now". We"ll be in touch be tin nhắn very shortly with your MyFXTM login details. You can then open your very own kiểm tra trading trương mục from there.

What can you vị on a kiểm tra trading account?

Exactly the same as you can vì on a live trương mục. You can open và cchiến bại positions, adjust your order types and choose from hundreds of different financial instruments. Your trading platkhung works exactly the same way too - the only difference is that the funds you"re trading with are not real.

What is the difference between a test trading trương mục vs live sầu trading account?

The features, conditions và tools are absolutely identical across all of our account types. The only difference is that you"re trading with virtual money, so there"s no risk involved for you.

What is the maximum I can trade on a kiểm tra account?

When you open your demo trading account, you can choose how much you put in it. The maximum is $1 million - keep in mind, of course, that this isn"t real money. It"s all virtual.

What is the minimum I can trade on a test account?

The smallest possible amount you can start trading with is $1. Considering that this money isn"t real though, you can benefit by trading bigger amounts and getting more practice in with multiple trades và markets.

Can I practise CFD trading on a thử nghiệm account?

Yes, you can. CFD trading on mentals, commodities & indices is available on all 3 of our demo account types.

Can I practise forex trading on a demo account?

Yes, you can. The forex market is the most liquid in the world with a daily turnover of more than $5 trillion USD & is a popular choice for new traders. Learn more about trading forex with FXTM.

Can I practice stochồng trading on a chạy thử account?

Unfortunately, this is one instrument you can"t practice with on our test accounts. Once you"ve sầu moved to live sầu trading though, there"s thousands of different stocks for you lớn access - and you"ll still benefit from experimenting with other instruments before.

Can you make money on a demo account?

Afraid not, because you"re trading using virtual money so your profits are virtual too. However, once you"ve sầu tried and tested different strategies in kiểm tra mode, you"ll be better placed khổng lồ achieve potentially successful trades.


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