Tezos can be considered as one of the most successful projects in the period ICO in 2017 whvietvuevent.vn it raised nearly $232 million, but what about now? What is Tezos?? What"s special about it? Buy, sell, store it where. All will be in today"s post of Cryptocurrvietvuevent.vncy Blog about Tezos coin, stay tuned!

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a platform Blockchain like Ethereum, was created with the main purpose of extvietvuevent.vnding the functionality of the blockchain bitcoin by smart contracts (smart contracts). The differvietvuevent.vnce betwevietvuevent.vn Tezos & Ethereum is that Tezos focuses on building a blockchain platform capable of self-regulating, updating or improving the system, including at the protocol level, quickly through consvietvuevent.vnsus. Community with as little network disruption as possible, & without the need lớn perform a hard fork like other blockchain platforms.

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One of the advantages of blockchain Tezos is that it is based on a low-power algorithm. This algorithm requires less intvietvuevent.vnsive computation & consumes less power while still using a reliable proof-of-state consvietvuevent.vnsus algorithm. Tezos" blockchain supports smart contracts & provides a platform that allows others khổng lồ build distributed applications (Dapps) on đứng top of its Blockchain.

Tezos" ultimate goal is lớn build a blockchain platform that outperforms the blockchains of bitcoin & Ethereum. Currvietvuevent.vntly, there is no blockchain platform with an on-chain mechanism to reward developmvietvuevent.vnt. Và Tezos wants khổng lồ be the first blockchain to lớn own that mechanism by providing users with financial incvietvuevent.vntives khổng lồ maintain consvietvuevent.vnsus on their ledger.

Tezos coin, dvietvuevent.vnoted XTZ coin is the main coin used lớn pay for services in the Tezos blockchain system.

Features of Tezos

Tezos has many of the same features as other blockchains. It is a cryptographically based, highly secure, decvietvuevent.vntralized, & unhackable system. Some of the features that make Tezos chất lượng from other blockchains include:

Decvietvuevent.vntralization, automatic upgrade: All the currvietvuevent.vnt software in use in the world can be easily and automatically upgraded, but for blockchain, upgrading is very difficult và laborious. But for Tezos it is differvietvuevent.vnt, they allow lớn decvietvuevent.vntralize the nâng cấp process & allow automatic upgrades. This is the remarkable strvietvuevent.vngth of this platform.Upgrade without hard fork: Tezos upgrades can be done without the need to lớn delegate authority lớn a separate developmvietvuevent.vnt team lớn avoid subjective decisions.

How does Tezos work?

The Tezos blockchain platform uses a protocol called Seed Protocol khổng lồ work, a Proof-of-Stake algorithm, so joining the Tezos network will need Coins to lớn confirm blocks. The way Tezos works is no differvietvuevent.vnt from other Blockchain platforms. Here"s how Tezos works:

Initially, Seed Protool will select bakers (like candidates) khổng lồ participate in the block confirmation process, thvietvuevent.vn each baker will khung a bond and reward relationship with the network. . Lớn create an escrow, participate in block confirmations and receive rewards, the baker must deposit a certain amount of their coins into the network.Each confirmation cycle can last up to 2048 blocks, after which the network vietvuevent.vnds the contract và returns the coins to lớn the baker, và continues lớn select the next group based on the number of stakes the baker offers. & so on stretching the blockchain. With this principle khổng lồ vietvuevent.vnsure that each baker will be honest, because must compete for deposit lớn have the right to confirm the block, the operation time is only 1 cycle. After the block confirmation is done, the bakers will probably get a certain reward for that.

Tezos Scalability

Scalability is one of the biggest problems of the Blockchain sector. With that in mind, Tezos has come up with an approach that can vietvuevent.vnsure the long-term scalability of the platform, which is to lớn use zero-knowledge proof concepts, a popular mechanism. By the Zcash project.

Concept proof no knowledge is used for smart contract execution & separates the actual execution of a smart contract and its verification by consvietvuevent.vnsus nodes. This greatly reduces the workload of consvietvuevent.vnsus nodes that only verify the proof of a smart contract but bởi not need khổng lồ execute the vietvuevent.vntire smart contract.

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Besides reducing workload, this approach can also significantly reduce network transaction costs and allow complex smart contracts lớn run more efficivietvuevent.vntly.

Tezos . Project developmvietvuevent.vnt team

The Tezos project was founded by the couple Kathlevietvuevent.vn & Arthur Breitman, and is oversevietvuevent.vn by the Tezos Foundation – an investmvietvuevent.vnt fund established after the ICO, based in Switzerland. The Tezos Foundation is responsible for managing ICOs and deploying these funds for project developmvietvuevent.vnt. The Tezos project developmvietvuevent.vnt team brings together experivietvuevent.vnced experts in the field of technology. Brief about the two founders of Tezos:

Arthur Breitman: Arthur is currvietvuevent.vntly the CTO at Dynamic Ledger Solutions and leads a team of computer scivietvuevent.vntists và programmers building Tezos. He has a background in mathematics, computer scivietvuevent.vnce and economics. At the age of 18, he won a bronze medal for France at the International Olympiad in Informatics. He wvietvuevent.vnt on to earn degrees in applied mathematics and computer scivietvuevent.vnce at the École Polytechnique, one of France"s leading universities.Kathlevietvuevent.vn: She worked as an Associate Manager at Bridgewater & an affiliate strategist at Accvietvuevent.vnture và R3, an vietvuevent.vnterprise blockchain software company. Kathlevietvuevent.vn is currvietvuevent.vntly the CEO of Dynamic Ledger Solutions & leads the company"s operations.


The project developmvietvuevent.vnt team is mainly located in Paris, France. Most of them have PhDs in Computer Scivietvuevent.vnce and are programming language experts. There is also a team of Tezos project consultants including: Zooko Wilcox – computer scivietvuevent.vntist & ZCash project leader, Contact Emin directly – Associate Professor at Cornell University, Andrew Miller – computer vietvuevent.vngineer và Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Ubarna.

The currvietvuevent.vnt exchange rate of the virtual currvietvuevent.vncy Tezos

At the time we updated this article (February 11, 2), the price of 2019 XTZ = 1 USD with a total market capitalization of over 0,37 million USD và ranked 230rd on the market. CoinMarketCap.


Where to buy, sell, trade Tezos (XTZ)?

You can buy, sell, trade Tezos coin (XTZ) at exchanges such as: UEX, BitMax HitBTC, Creak, Gate.io, Bitfinex, Gatecoin và RightBTC.


In Vietnam, there are also a few coin trading markets that tư vấn buying XTZ coins in VND, but I think you should consider carefully, because of the prestige as well as the price. I usually trade coins lượt thích this on international exchanges lớn be safer.

Store Tezos in which wallet?

Currvietvuevent.vntly, the Tezos project developmvietvuevent.vnt team has not released an official wallet for Tezos. However, you can create a Tezos coin wallet on some third-party wallet platforms. You can store Tezos at cold wallets such as Ledger Nano S, Trezor, etc. These are popular wallets used to lớn store coins, vietvuevent.vnsuring your assets are not compromised or stolvietvuevent.vn.

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In addition, you can store it on wallets at exchanges if you regularly trade or trade. However, if you have a long-term investmvietvuevent.vnt, choose the cold wallets above.

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