something such as an idea, phrase, or image that is often used in a particular artist"s work, in a particular type of art, etc.:

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For the landowning classes, the demonstration of investment of labour và capital had moral & political connotations through the trope of improvement. There are no things, only words, motifs, tropes, & half-hearted aspirations after something that never even existed. Although the castrato lớn is not the principal cause of social decline, the trope of the castrato"s effeminacy explains his prominence in literature on the subject. Helpfully, there are also concise and critical summaries of key social work tropes, such as that on "attachment theory" (pp. 78-80). A third factor is the degree of iconicity between the images và their referents in the analogical trope, be it metaphor or simile. The more it taxes people, the more hours of the day people have to lớn "work for the government" (a familiar trope in right-wing rhetoric). As a result, the pros and cons of all of these previously examined tropes are once again in evidence. The generalization is sweeping, but the tropes aptly symbolize the type of history written in this book. These tropes permit the characterization of objects in different kinds of indirect, or figurative, discourse. Các cách nhìn của các ví dụ ko bộc lộ ý kiến của các biên tập viên hoặc của University Press hay của những nhà trao giấy phép.

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